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Oakley’s Outlet Online OVERTHETOP "Precious Mettle" Shades Can Be Yours for $7,000 USD

Oakley, known for its athletic eyewear since the mid ’80s, first debuted the OVERTHETOP “Precious Mettle” in the 2000 Summer Olympics and was worn by Trinidad & Tobago’s Ato Bolden in the Men’s 100-meter dash where he won silver. From there, the shades have been part of a number of historical style moments. Bolton remembers Oakley as a “a fun company to be associated with because they were always trying to push the envelope, get stares, and get people to think differently about what eyewear could look like.” The sunglass company has been seen on iconic figures like Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman and actor Brad Pitt.

The newest OVERTHETOP pair from 2020 was crafted out of 100% “O Matter” and ​​created from the 2000 model’ original mold. It features the same cyborg-style design that fits over the top of the head rather than around it, eliminating the pressure points and bounce created by the force of running. While the original design came in a metallic chrome finish, the updated version which dropped in 2020 in honor of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, comes in gold and bronze. Recently appearing on talk show host Kerwin Frost and Swedish golfer Jarmo Sandelin, the shades live on through the digital ages and continue to command the attention of many.

You can get your hands on a pair for $7,000 USD through consignment shop, Justin Reed.